Town Merger Vote 2021

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(as of 4/13/2021)

Re-vote on the Merger Plan

Official Vote Results - April 13, 2021 Special Town Meeting (pdf)

Special Town Meeting - April 13, 2021

A voter-backed petition for reconsideration of Article II for the Plan of Merger was delivered to the Clerk on March 9th.  The Selectboard warned a Special Town Meeting by Australian ballot for April 13, 2021, according to Vermont State Statute.  

The Village non-binding advisory question and the impact of separation on the Town

The Village of Essex Junction will be voting on a non-binding advisory question that asks, if the town-wide vote on reconsideration of merger fails, whether the Trustees should draft a charter to create the independent City of Essex of Junction, for consideration by Village voters 

no later than November 2021. The question advises that a separated City of Essex Junction share no services with the Town of Essex except for possibly police.

During the Town Selectboard meeting on March 25, 2021, Finance Director, Sarah Macy provided Unified Manager, Evan Teich and the Town Selectboard with an estimate about separation as a companion to the separation analysis provided in September 2020.  

“If the Town and Village were to separate, the Town would lose 42% of its grand list.  If the Town wished to maintain the same general tax rate it would be faced with reducing its FY22 tax levy of $14,265,056 by $6,019,229. Unwinding the existing financial arrangements between the Town and Village has a net reduction of $1,435,094. And sharing the cost of the police department and the police station buildings costs based on grand list between the two separated entities has a net reduction of $1,888,053.  These first two items (unwinding existing arrangements and splitting police) are what are referred to as the baseline assumptions. This would leave $2,696,082 to be addressed through service reductions, sharing of services (either with the Village or other community), and reductions in staffing or capital expenditures. “

You can watch the video and view and download all of the memorandums, examples, and presentations provided both in September 2020 and last week at You can also request a copy of the memorandums and presentations by emailing or by calling 878-1341.


Important Dates

March 25 - 6:30pm

Selectboard Special Meeting
Question and Answer session regarding April 13th vote for reconsideration on whether the Town of Essex shall adopt the Plan of Merger of the Town of Essex, Vermont and Village of Essex Junction, Vermont dated January 11, 2021 and the proposed Charter for merged communities.

To participate in the meeting, Join online via Microsoft Teams or call (802) 377-3784, Conference ID: # (Meeting links available soon)
Live stream via Town Meeting TV (for viewing only)

April 13, 2021 - 7:00am to 7:00pm

Special Meeting by Australian Ballot

Visit the Town Meeting page for more information.

Australian Ballot - Polling place and hours:

  • Residents of the Village of Essex Junction vote at Essex High School, 2 Educational Drive, Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 7 AM to 7 PM.
  • Residents of the Town outside of the Village of Essex Junction vote at Essex Middle School, 58 Founders Drive, Essex Junction, Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 7 AM to 7 PM.

Further Information

Visit: and for further resources and information.

Vermont Temporary Legislation for 2021 Annual Meeting
Act 162
Act 1 H.48
Act 92

Charter Change 3+3

The March 3, 2020 ballot included a question that was posed by a voter-backed petition, asking if the Town charter should be changed to create a six-member Selectboard with three members elected from the Village of Essex Junction and three from outside the Village.  Voters passed the proposed change, 4,032 - 2,614. The charter change was sent to the Vermont Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Legislature for consideration.

Read the letter from leadership of House Government Operations relating to the proposed Essex charter change.

greater essex

Voter Informational Booklet on Merger
Voter Informational Booklet on Merger

Essex Plan of Merger and Charter
Approved 1/11/2021, on Town ballot 3/2/2021 (pdf)

Essex Merger Charter

Village Essex Junction Plan of Merger and Charter
Approved 9/24/2020, passed by Village voters 11/3/2020 (pdf)

Essex Merger Charter - Trustee FINAL

Town Meeting TV Presentation

Essex elected officials give a presentation on the merger ballot question.  Moderated by Christina Bell, Town Meeting TV.

Merger Slide Show Presentation (PDF)