Firearms Discharge Ordinance Information

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The Town of Essex is considering making changes to our Firearms Discharge Ordinance. To obtain public input, we will be utilizing the services of PlaceSpeak. The public comment period on PlaceSpeak officially closed at midnight on July 22. The Summary Report of Public Input is available in the following information.


We chose to use PlaceSpeak because it allows residents to meaningfully engage with others in a safe, secure, and privacy-respecting way. PlaceSpeak uses a unique geo-verification technology to ensure that only Essex residents are allowed to weigh in. The authentication process deters negative behavior such as trolling or spamming, facilitating a respectful environment for online dialogue and engagement.

With privacy and data concerns at the forefront of people's minds, PlaceSpeak ensures that users' personal information is kept secure. As a Privacy by Design ambassador, privacy measures have been built into the very architecture of the platform. The information that is used to authenticate participants is never shared, sold or otherwise distributed - not even with the Town of Essex.


The Selectboard will consider the results of the resident input in deciding whether or not to make any changes to the ordinance. Any ordinance changes will go through the proper process, which includes public meetings and at least one public hearing. Meetings about any ordinance changes will be scheduled during the late summer or early fall.

We are still refining the details of upcoming events, but want to continue to update the public about the process. The most up to date information can be found at on this page. Please check often to learn about what we have been up to!

Additional Information

If you would like to receive email updates about the process, or for more information, please contact Deputy Town Manager Greg Duggan at 802-878-1341 or email him.

If you have questions regarding the existing firearms ordinance please contact the Essex Police Department at 802-878-8331.

Hunters/Hikers - Always be aware, always be safe.