Code & Control Robodozer April Vacation Camp

code and controlBuild and take home your very own powerful robotic bulldozer and sleek handheld wireless controller! With your colored manual and the aid of your instructor, you will each assemble your Robo Dozer which consists of over 40 different robotic parts that include a speaker, circuit board, motors, LED lights, and much more. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of tracked vehicles as well as examples of robots with continuous tracks. Use the controller to command your robot to move around in all directions, play sounds, and light up its cab roof lights! The special Code and Control wireless unit enables you to either directly control your Robo Dozer in real-time, or write and save sequences of commands for the robot to perform at the push of a button. Once completed, you can try a few experiments with your new Code and Control Robo Dozer and compete with your classmates!

Grades 2-6 | Essex Middle School (*Enroll your child based on their grade for Fall 2024*)
Monday-Friday | 4/22-4/26
9 am - 12 pm

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