VIN Verification

Essex Police Department
VIN Verification Procedure

Policy - Update 05/23/2017
Effective - 07/01/2017


    1. EPD will conduct VIN verification's seven days a week including holidays when an officer is available to do so.
    2. All appropriate paperwork must be completed prior the VIN inspection
    3. Fees
      a. VIN verification for individuals are no charge at this time
      b. VIN verification for businesses are $5.00 per VIN
      c. Businesses will be invoiced for VIN inspections.  Payment due net 30

    4.  Officers are not required to remove snow or ice from vehicles in order to view VINs.   Officers are also not required to walk or stand in excessive mud, water, snow or squeeze between vehicles to view VINs.  In the event any of the above is required, the officer should inform the requestor they will verify the VIN after the requestor has rectified the situation.
    5. Businesses should fax VINs to EPD at (802)878-1340.  This paperwork should include the following for each VIN inspection
      a. Vehicle make
      b. Vehicle year
      c. State where vehicle was last registered
      d. the VIN

    1. Business request for multiple VIN may take additional time to complete depending on the number of VINS requested and officer availability.  Providing information 24 hours in advance works the best.     
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