Town Stormwater Permit Coverage

Phase II NPDES Permit

For the small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4), a General Permit (3-9014) was issued by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources to the Town of Essex.  The Town submitted a Notification of Intent prior to the required due date of March 10th 2003, showing how the Town intended to apply for coverage under the permit.  The original permit had a five year term.  The Town has submitted a new Notification of Intent to comply with the General Permit to cover the period from March 2008 to March 2013. More information regarding the permit requirements can be found at

Under this permit, the Town must develop programs to comply with the following six minimum control measures:
      Public Education and Outreach
      Public Participation and Involvement
      Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
      Construction Site Runoff
      Post-Construction Runoff Control
      Municipal Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping

The Town’s  completed permit application with supporting documentation is on file at the Public Works  Offices, 5 Jericho Road.  Contact can be made via telephone at 802-878-1344 or via e-mail at for more detailed information.

The following excerpts from the permit are included on the web page:
            1.  A series of  Tables with Actions, Schedules and Measurable Goals for the best management practices to be undertaken by the Town over the five year period.

Non-impaired Waterways Permit  (3-9010)

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources issued this permit on 6 August 2002 for discharges of stormwater runoff to waters of the State that are not principally impaired by collected stormwater runoff, which discharges have been previously authorized by the Secretary of the VANR pursuant to a stormwater discharge permit or a temporary pollution permit.

Owner of existing stormwater systems that discharge to streams in Essex other than Alder Brook or Sunderland Brook  must seek coverage under this permit.  In some cases the Town has accepted responsibility for some or all of these discharges.  If the Town has accepted ownership and legal responsibility for the street, catch basins, piping and other stormwater infrastructure, then action has been taken by the Town to notify the State of its acceptance of the older permits and coverage under this permit. If the  infrastructure is not entirely owned by the Town or if the project is entirely “private”, the Town has not picked up the permit responsibility.

A list of the permits being accepted in part or in whole by the Town follows.

More information on these permits can be obtained by contacting either the State water quality personnel or the Town at 802-878-1344.

Impaired Waterways Permit for Indian Brook (3-9009)

This permit was issued in draft form by the State and then held for issuance due to legal appeals on all the issued Impaired Waterways Permits by the Conservation Law Foundation.

Impaired Waterways Permit for Sunderland Brook (3-9012)

This permit was issued in draft form by the State and then held for issuance due to legal appeals on all the issued Impaired Waterways Permits by the Conservation Law Foundation.

Multi-Sector General Permit (3-9003)

This permit does not affect operations at the Town Highway Garage.  The closed Town landfill has been issued a No-Exposure Certification (number 4453-9003) under this permit program.

Draft State of Vermont NPDES General Permit 3-9014 (2010)

The State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources has issued a draft version of a revised federally mandated NPDES MS4 Phase 2 Municipal Stormwater Permit to a number of communities in Chittenden County, the Burlington Airport, the University of Vermont and the Vermont Agency of Transportation. It also includes communities in the St. Albans and Rutland areas. An MS4 permit will be issued to the Town of Essex and the Village of Essex Junction.
The permit is not new. It has been in existence ..... click for full text

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