History the Essex Police Department



There has been a Constable elected since the first meeting of the village residents in the 1800’s. 


1896 – It is noted that the first officer’s were part-time and held other positions within the Village.


1895  -      Mr. Gomo is listed a police officer. (History of the Town of Essex, Frank Bent).


1913 – 1915 David Demag is listed as Chief of Police.  Demag also worked for the Street department.  Demag is paid for use of his horses & wagon.  Frank Demag is listed as a part-time officer.


1916 – 1917 Ira Charboneau was Chief of Police.  Charboneau also worked a second job as a janitor for the Fire Department.  The first full-time police officer is hired.


1918-1923 E.A. Martin is Chief of Police.  Fred Demag was listed as an officer.


1924-1926 E.A. Martin is Chief of Police with Bert Prescott listed a assistant Chief.  Dewey Perry is listed as Officer.


1927-1937 James Flynn is listed as an officer.


1938-1948 C.T. McLeod is listed first as a night watchman and then as Chief.


1949 – The police force consist of three full time officers, one of which is the Chief of Police.


1950 – Douglas S. Ervin is shown as Chief.


1951 – Paul Booska is listed as an officer.


1952-1957 James A. Mulcahy, Chief of Police.


1958-1960 Martin A. Tibodeau, Chief of Police.


1961-1967 Dewey H. Perry, retired from the U.S.Marshalls, Chief of Police.


1968-1973 James A. Mulcahy returns as Chief of Police.


1974-1975 Dominic J. Arena, Chief of Police.


1976-1998 Chief John Terry.  Chief Terry worked his way up through the ranks to become Chief of the Village Police Department and continued on when the Town took over the Village Department in 1980.  Chief Terry has held the office of Chief of Police longer than anyone to date.


1980 The Town of Essex takes over the Village of Essex Police Department and forms the new Town of Essex Police Department.  Officers listed at this time include Chief John Terry, Cpt. Leo Nadeau, Lt. Robin Hollwedel, Det. Todd McCabe and Det. Gary Taylor.


1999-2000 Ex-VSP commander Robert A. Horton takes over as interium Chief.


2001-2005 David E. Demag, Chief of Police.  Chief Demag comes from a family dedicated to police service.  Chief Demag’s Great Grand Father,  Chief David Demag was the Village of Essex’s first Chief of police in the early 1900’s.  Chief Demag served for years with the Burlington Police Department leaving as the Commander of the Criminal Division to become the Chief of Police in St. Albans. In 2001 Chief Demag left St. Albans Police Department to become the current Chief of Police in Essex.


October 2007 - March 2012  Leo Nadeau, Chief of Police.  Chief Nadeau was promoted to Chief from his position as Captain with the Essex Police Department.


March 2012 - Jan 2018 Bradley Larose, Chief of Police.  Chief Larose was promoted to Chief at the March 2012 Town Meeting from his position as Captain and Acting Chief  with the Essex Police Department.


January 2018 - Rick Garey, Chief of Police.  Chief Garey was promoted to Chief from his position as Captain with the Essex Police Department.

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