Bureau of Criminal Investigations (B.C.I.)


 Illegal Drugs

Illegal drugs continue to be a problem that plagues our Nation, State and Local Community. In addition to what we consider the traditional illicit drug problems of the past we have recently found ourselves dealing with a major Heroin problem throughout our region. Heroin possession, distribution and over doses have sharply increased. The Essex Police Department has responded to a number of Heroin related incidents over the past couple of years.

The availability of Heroin throughout our community and the Chittenden County region is alarming.

With the influx of Heroin we have found ourselves dealing with a multitude of property crimes being committed by users in need of cash to make their purchases. Some of the most dramatic increases have been in car breaks, check frauds and forgeries, retail thefts, credit card frauds and stolen pocket books (wallets, checks and credit cards). Anytime that valuables are left in plain view in parked vehicles they become an easy target. In some cases pockets books are gone through when they have been left unattended in a shopping cart. The thief only needs a few minutes to do their bidding. At some later point the victims have discovered that checks from the middle of their checkbook have been stolen and then fraudulently passed. In other cases credit cards are taken. Sometimes they have been replaced with other stolen credit cards that have already been used up. These types of thefts are often undetected for a period of time after the actual date and time of the theft.

Anyone with information about this, or any other type of illicit drug activity is asked to forward their information to the Essex Police Department. Many times investigators can work with the information provider to protect their identity. In cases where you have information but do not want to speak directly to a member of the Essex Police Department you can pass your information on through CRIME STOPPERS at 864-6666.

Information that will be helpful would include;

Suspect(s) Name                                                                                                                                    

Address                                                         Telephone Number                                                          

Type of Drug Activity                                                                                                                                

Where is Activity Occurring                                                                                                                     

Who else in Involved                                                                                                                                

Vehicle Information (make, model, plate number, color, etc.)                                                              


Cellular Telephone Number                                            Pager Number                                                 

Any Details you can Provide                                                                                                                     

 Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

The following Substance Abuse Treatment Centers are residential treatment centers in Vermont and New York that treat various drug addictions, including heroin, in a residential setting. Some are for adolescent and adults and some are for adults only:

  • Brattleboro Retreat
    Anna Marsh Lane
    P. O. Box 803
    Brattleboro, VT 05302-0803

Web Site - Brattleboro Retreat

A residential Substance abuse treatment center for adolescents and adults, inpatient and out patient services.

  • Phoenix House Vermont
    Various locations through Vermont.

Web Site - www.phoenixhouse.org

E-Mail - Question about Mountain View Academy can be sent by e-mail to rturner@phoenixhouse.org

  • Recovery House
    P.O. Box 207 (12 Church Street)
    Wallingford, VT 05773

Web Site - http://recoveryhousevt.org/

A residential substance abuse treatment center for adults 18 years of age and older.

  • Conifer Park
    79 Glenville Road
    Glenville, NY 12302

Web Site - http://www.coniferpark.com/

A residential substance abuse treatment center for adolescents and adults. 

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