Essex Police Youth Bike Patrol

The Essex Police Youth Bike Patrol Unit was established in 1994

The Essex Youth Bike Patrol, referred to from this point on as EYBP, has been established for the purpose of providing high visibility, daytime bicycle patrols in the Town of Essex and Village of Essex Junction. The areas to be patrolled will include but not be limited to: the bike path(s), parks, schools, the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds, and Town and Village Streets. This Unit will be a partnership between the Essex Police Department, the Essex Educational Center, and the Essex area Youth. This Unit will work in conjunction with the Essex Police Department and more specifically the Essex PD Bike Patrol Unit.

This endeavor is in full compliance with the Department's overall mission of inspiring citizens of Essex to take an active part in policing the community and making Essex a safer place to live, work, and grow up in. It additionally compliments the Department's Community Policing efforts.

The mission of the unit will be to promote health and safety in recreational areas of the community. The activities these individuals will engage in will be:

  • Care taker functions: to include giving directions, rendering first aid and alerting emergency medical services to sick or injured person(s), assisting persons with disabled equipment (such as bicycles, roller blades, etc.)

  • Observe and report suspected criminal activity.

  • Observe and report safety deficiencies: to include pot holes, missing signs, street lights out, etc.

  • Observe and report violations of rules at community parks.

  • Know and practice proper bicycle safety.

  • Engage in positive interactions with the community.

  • In order to accomplish the mission the Essex Police Department will provide Unit members with the bicycles that will be used on assignement (the bicycles have been donated to the Town for the summer by Essex Junction Bicycles), a bicycle helmet, a fanny pack containing: some basic first aid equipment, a cellular telephone, writing implements, "Halt" dog spray, a water bottle, a summer shirt to be worn on duty that identifies each member as a Unit member (the shirts have been donated by the Racquets Edge), and a picture ID.

    Additionally the Essex Police Department will provide each member with training that will include: first aid, situational management, VT bicycle laws, bicycle safety, Unit Rules and Regulations, communications and operational procedures.

    At the end of the summer the Police Department will have a party for the Unit members. Unit members will also be awarded certificates for their participation in the program, and letters of recommendation. Additionally, they will recieve a one day pass to the Champlain Valley Fair (these passes have been donated by the Champlain Valley Fair).

    Unit members will be personally responsible for providing their own navy blue shorts, white socks, and footwear. Each member will also be responsible for the cleanliness and general maintenance of their duty uniform.

    A Rules and Regulations manual, and liability waiver will also be provided to each member.

    The Essex Police Department will conduct a background check on each applicant. The background check will be limited to a check of VCIC, DMV records, and contact with a school official who knows the applicant and can make factual comments about whether or not the applicant would be well suited for this type of task.

    Members of the EYBP are NOT law enforcement officers and will NOT engage in law enforcement activities.

    If you want more information or would like to particpate in this program, contact the Essex Police Youth Bike Patrol.

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